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Greg Michalak

Warsaw, Poland


My name is Greg Michalak and I am sound designer and composer for video games. My passion for audio pushed me to numerous sound related projects. From live radio productions and acoustic engineering to sound design and music composition. 

Having background in computer science my hybrid skills from audio and tech world merge perfectly in video game industry.

In spare time I tutor students in sound design at my alma mater, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw.

I am always in search for new collaborations and new projects, please don't hesitate to contact me.



2009 - 2014 Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Computer Science Multimedia Major.


Contact me

Work Experience


2013 - Live Producer at Kampus Warsaw radio.

2014 - 2017 - Academic tutor at Polish- Japenese Academy of Information Technology.

2014 - Acoustical Engineer Polish- Japenese Academy of Information Technology.

2015 - Composer and sound designer at Sathra Games.

2016 - Lead sound designer at Jutsu Games.

2017 -  Sound Designer at Ci Games

2018 - Present - Sound Designer at Cd Projekt Red


Software proficiency

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